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Hey there! Pete here, your go-to guy for the wonderfully wacky world of Australian cult cinema. My podcast, "A Dingo Ate My Movie," is my solo adventure into the heart of Australia's most eccentric and unforgettable films. But here's the cool part: every episode features a special guest co-host from all around the globe, making each chat a unique dive into our cinematic treasures.

Think of it as a global movie night where everyone's invited. My guest co-hosts bring their own perspectives, insights, and sometimes, bewildered reactions to the mix. It's like a world tour, but instead of landmarks, we're exploring Australia's most iconic, outrageous, and sometimes, downright bizarre films.

This isn't just about watching movies; it's about connecting cultures, sharing laughs, and uncovering the universal language of cinema. Each guest brings a slice of their world to the podcast, making every episode a fresh and exciting journey through the eyes of different film lovers. From directors and actors to fellow podcasters and film enthusiasts, we're bridging continents and celebrating the films that make us laugh, cry, and say, "Only in Australia."

So, whether you're a seasoned film buff or just someone curious about what the rest of the world thinks of our homegrown hits and misses, "A Dingo Ate My Movie" is your ticket to a fun, fascinating, and sometimes wild cinematic ride. Let's discover together how Australian cult cinema resonates—or bewilders—guests from every corner of the planet.

Grab your passport and your popcorn; it's time to start the show. Welcome to the most global Australian movie night ever!

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Unzipping Alvin: How Alvin Purple and Alvin Rides Again Teased Australia in the '70s
February 12, 2024x
01:01:1442.09 MB

Unzipping Alvin: How Alvin Purple and Alvin Rides Again Teased Australia in the '70s

Strap in for a journey down memory lane as we're joined by the ever-insightful Matt Fulton to revisit the rollicking world of '70s Australian sex comedies. Together, we traverse the risqué landscape of "Alvin Purple" and its sequel "Alvin Rides Again," dissecting how t...

Shutter Shock: Diving Deep into 'Snapshot' 1979
January 25, 2024x
01:09:2747.73 MB

Shutter Shock: Diving Deep into 'Snapshot' 1979

This week on "A Dingo Ate My Movie," we're diving into the sultry and suspenseful world of "Snapshot," a 1979 Australian cult classic. Directed by Simon Wincer, this film, also known as "The Day After Halloween," is a hidden gem of Aussie cinema that blends thrill...

Peter Weir's Cinematic Vision: Picnic at Hanging Rock
October 28, 2023x
00:53:4937 MB

Peter Weir's Cinematic Vision: Picnic at Hanging Rock

It's 1900 in Australia. A group of students from a girls' boarding school, brimming with the enthusiasm of youth, embark on what's supposed to be a carefree Valentine's Day outing at the iconic Hanging Rock. The ambience is idyllic, and the laughter is contagious. But as the day...