Unzipping Alvin: How Alvin Purple and Alvin Rides Again Teased Australia in the '70s
A Dingo Ate My Movie!February 12, 2024x
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Unzipping Alvin: How Alvin Purple and Alvin Rides Again Teased Australia in the '70s

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Strap in for a journey down memory lane as we're joined by the ever-insightful Matt Fulton to revisit the rollicking world of '70s Australian sex comedies. Together, we traverse the risqué landscape of "Alvin Purple" and its sequel "Alvin Rides Again," dissecting how these flicks navigated the era's sexual liberation while tickling the nation's funny bone. From the critical lashings to the box office success, we dissect the allure of Alvin's mishaps, examining the films’ cultural impact and their unique position in Aussie cinematic lore.

With a mischievous chuckle, Matt and I explore the first film's clever blend of humor and eroticism, orchestrated by the sharp-witted Tim Burstall. We ponder the satirical role reversal of the sexual chase and how it mirrored the period's changing attitudes towards women's liberation and sex therapy. As we crack open the darker tones of the sequel, we delve into the complex narrative choices that stirred both entertainment and reflection during the transformative '70s.

Lastly, we can't help but let out a hearty laugh as we discuss the unexpected narrative acrobatics of "Alvin Rides Again." From sex comedy to action-packed pastiche, we marvel at the sequel's leap into Bond-esque territory, complete with rocket launchers and speedboat chases. It's a wild ride through some of the most iconic, albeit occasionally cringe-worthy, moments in Australian film history that will leave you both nostalgic and critically engaged. Join us for this cheeky trip down memory lane, where Aussie cinema once dared to bare with a confident swagger.

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Please note that this podcast often explores topics and uses language from past eras. This means that some of the discussions may include attitudes, expressions, and viewpoints that were common in those times but may not align with the standards and expectations of our society today. We'd like to ask for your understanding as we navigate these historical contexts, which are important to appreciate the era we're discussing fully.