Houseboat Horror - Navigating the Humorous Horrors of a Cult Classic
A Dingo Ate My Movie!July 15, 2023x
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Houseboat Horror - Navigating the Humorous Horrors of a Cult Classic

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Welcome to a journey into the world of the delightfully dreadful, the charmingly cringe-worthy and the beautifully bad. My guest, Matt Fulton, and I have both been captivated by the unique niche of Australian films, and there is no better example than the cult classic Houseboat Horror.

Houseboat Horror – it's a name that elicits a myriad of reactions, and for good reason. From the infamous budget constraints to the eclectic cast and it's "Banned in Queensland" status, Matt and I dissect the myriad of reasons why fans so adore this film. And let's not forget the iconic VHS box art that has undoubtedly contributed to the cult status of this unforgettable movie.

Of course, a chat about Houseboat Horror wouldn't be complete without a dissection of its outrageous elements, from the nudity and music to the awkward kills. We scrutinize the digital restoration and the unintended hilarity that some of the lines bring about. We reflect on editor Clayton Jacobson and his uncompensated work on the film and then dive into the newly released Blu-Ray and special features that make Houseboat Horror the cult classic it is today.

So, grab a stiff drink, get comfortable, and prepare for a trip into the heart of Australian film culture.

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