Long Weekend - Getaway Gone Grim
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Long Weekend - Getaway Gone Grim

In this episode, I’m joined by independent filmmaker James Dean to discuss Long Weekend from 1978.

Long Weekend tells the story of a couple, Peter and Marcia, who are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and take a long weekend away. They drive out of town to a remote beach location, and as they arrive, it becomes clear that the place is not as peaceful as they had hoped. Strange things start happening around them, and they soon find themselves in a dangerous situation.

Long Weekend is an environmental horror film but with a twist. It’s not just the supernatural forces that Peter and Marcia must contend with - their relationship is being tested as they find themselves in increasingly terrifying scenarios. The film captures the tension between human relationships and forces beyond our control.

The performances of John Hargreaves and Briony Behets are outstanding, and Eggleston’s direction is masterful. He uses the camera significantly, creating a sense of dread and unease that lingers in the viewer’s mind long after the credits roll.

Long Weekend is an excellent example of an Australian horror film that still stands the test of time. We’ll discuss the themes the movie explores, the performances, and the direction. We’ll also look at the film’s legacy and how it is regarded today.

We also discuss independent filmmaking, Jame’s previous movie, Fountaine and the Vengeful Nun Who Wouldn’t Die, and the upcoming XXX-Mas.

So join us as we explore this classic film and learn why it has become an Australian classic.

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