Young Einstein - Rockin' with Relativity
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Young Einstein - Rockin' with Relativity

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Young Einstein: Unconventional Humor Meets Offbeat Science

Get ready to unravel the quirky world of the 1989 film Young Einstein with me and my special guests, Tab and Micah.

We'll take you on a journey through this unconventional comedy that blends slapstick humour, romance, and scientific discovery, all backed by an eclectic soundtrack featuring Icehouse, the Stems, Mental as Anything, and the Models. Discover how a simple t-shirt idea sparked this iconic Australian movie, which went on to achieve $24.9 million in global box office success.

We'll dive deep into the eccentric world of Young Einstein, exploring iconic scenes like his invention of 4/4 time and his amusing encounter with gravity. We also discuss the film's stunning natural backdrops, hilarious throwaway jokes, and unforgettable cameos. Plus, learn about the unique Australian humour and the eerie Asylum scene that adds an interesting twist to the movie.

Join us as we discuss Young Einstein's iconic hair, drawing comparisons between Albert Einstein and our quirky protagonist. We'll also discuss the movie's diverse music selection, including tracks like Great Southern Land, Hungry Town, and Weirdo Libido, and the Australian music of the time that didn't quite make it overseas.

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