Down Under Dangers: Unpacking the Perils of Dark Age
A Dingo Ate My Movie!October 18, 2021x
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Down Under Dangers: Unpacking the Perils of Dark Age

This week on the podcast, we're delving into the depths of Australian genre cinema with "Dark Age" from 1982. I'm thrilled to have Sketches joining me for a conversation about this cult classic, a standout entry in the Australian exploitation (or "Ozploitation") movement of the late 20th century.

"Dark Age" is a gripping tale of suspense and horror set against the backdrop of the Australian wilderness, featuring a massive, man-eating crocodile as the central antagonist. This film is noted for its environmental conservation message, a rarity for genre films of its time, blending thrilling action with a thoughtful commentary on wildlife protection.

Sketches and I will explore "Dark Age," its place in the pantheon of creature features, the impact of its environmental themes, and how it compares to other films in the Ozploitation genre. We'll also examine the production challenges and how "Dark Age" has been received over the years, gaining a cult following for its unique blend of horror, action, and ecological awareness.

Whether you're a fan of Australian cinema, creature features, or environmental films, this episode offers an insightful and engaging discussion on one of the early '80s most intriguing cinematic experiences.

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